Saturday, November 28, 2009

Chimay Still Loves Me: Series 1 & 2

Fact: Belgium Chimays are some of the tastiest beers in the world. They're brewed by Trappist monks. I've had all 3 varieties; Red, White and Blue...or so I thought. While writing this post I discovered there's a 4th! Apparently it's only available locally and reserved as a patersbier for the Trappist monks. I now have a new goal in life, and it will be a special day when I get my claws on a chalice of that elusive Black Chimay.

These 2 paintings were done earlier this year and are from a series titled, 'Chimay Still Loves Me'. The above is from an east side gallery show I was involved in, and the below was commissioned by Quan and Angela Ha - fellow admirers of the Chimay legacy.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Golfers: Beware!

My pops is an avid golfer, driving range mafioso and country club fraternizer.
A few months ago his buddy lost a ball in the rough, and when they went searching for it they found this!

So, they had to leave the golf ball with one of nature's slithery friends.
I drew on a Cintiq with Sketchbook Pro and had to make it print ready since the pops wants to make some shirts with it. Maybe I could upload it to Google as clipart or something as well.

I referred to a Diamondback pic in my Morgue.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

the "How To Train Your Dragon" trailer!!!

Here's the first trailer for the film I've been animating on all this year.
It has been challenging, but also amazing to work with so many talented people who are really passionate about it. We think it's wicked.