Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Golfers: Beware!

My pops is an avid golfer, driving range mafioso and country club fraternizer.
A few months ago his buddy lost a ball in the rough, and when they went searching for it they found this!

So, they had to leave the golf ball with one of nature's slithery friends.
I drew on a Cintiq with Sketchbook Pro and had to make it print ready since the pops wants to make some shirts with it. Maybe I could upload it to Google as clipart or something as well.

I referred to a Diamondback pic in my Morgue.


Blogger teresa said...

yikes. I would have left the golf ball there too. Snakes are so creepy!

11/13/2009 12:48 AM  
Blogger MondayMorgue said...


11/13/2009 1:00 AM  
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