Sunday, September 09, 2007

RE: "Off They Flew" Art Show

The turnout was tremendous at the LittleBird Gallery opening last night, nice catching up with a lot of people. The gallery director-Mylissa Fitzsimmons, did an impressive job curating the show. About 80% of the pieces sold, maybe more since then. There was a lot of fantastic artwork from 100 artists - which will continue to be up for the next couple of weeks, so check it out!

Here's the vignette I painted. It's acrylic on wood.
Title: Innocence and Accidents

Friday, September 07, 2007

"Off They Flew" Art Show

Little Bird Gallery in Atwater Village will have their "Off They Flew" art opening this Saturday night. 100 artists(including myself) painted wooden birds in a benefit for the Griffith Park fire.
Come check it out!!!

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

A Greek Woman

She was a character, I drew this in my sketchbook while waiting at Charles de Gaulle Airport for my plane to Athens this past July. The Greek Woman may have noticed what I was doing, because later it seemed like she sent her kids walking by to peek.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Animation on 'Bee Movie'... over, now what do I do with myself?

This is a marketing still I posed out for 'Bee Movie'. Jeremy is credited for finding it online. The rough story board for it was drawn by Dave Pimentel, the Head of Story. Sometimes it can be tricky posing these out in a very appealing manner because we have to deal with the Marketing Dept., and they'll have ridiculous notes sometimes based on silly statistics. I'm really happy with how it turned out though, I wouldn't change a thing with Barry's pose even if I drew it. The Mooseblood character was a little trickier though-for one, the camera had a wide lense which was distorting him a bit and making him seem much further away from Barry. Also, his head on the model has a bit smaller proportions than Barry. I felt like it'd be nicer to make his head a bit larger and more prominent for this, and did do a bit of translating forward on it, but couldn't push it too far before it started to seem off model or cover up more of his body. Since this was created for simply 1 frame and didn't have to move, I could really push and distort the pose just to make it look good from this view. If you looked at Barry's profile, you'd see that his entire body is stretched out quite drastically. I was hoping they'd use this advertisement somewhere cool like for the large billboard on Highland Ave in Hollywood, but I guess it just graces the web and local papers for now.