Sunday, June 07, 2009

Corny Cole

During the Fall I teach a CG Animation Class at CalArts. These pictures were taken this past May during a break from the faculty judging of the 'Producers Show', an end of the year screening featuring the highest rated student films of the year. It's a day of 8 hours of straight animation!!!

I took this picture of Corny, a legendary animator and CalArts teacher(with an unbelievable memory), at the main entrance steps of CalArts after we had a student-faculty group photo.

Then he asked to take one of me. So I handed him the camera, a small digital point and shoot. He slowly held it up to his eye and said he couldn't see anything. I said it's digital, there's no lense or eyepiece, you just look at the screen! Then he tried again, hands shaking, and took this brilliantly composed shot! If you enlarge it you can see his reflection in my glasses.